Murmansk Transfer Centre is a limited liability company, a non-bank financial institution registered in the city of Murmansk (Russia), founded in 1999. Murmansk Transfer Centre holds license for banking operations with funds in rubles and foreign currency for non-bank financial institutions. The average quarterly turnover of our clients' operations in 2023 exceeds USD 90 million (RUB 8 billion). The demand is estimated to grow three times the current volume.
Murmansk Transfer Centre provides its clients with the following products and services:
The primary focus for Murmansk Transfer Centre is facilitating international money transfers, both for B2B and P2P segments.
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Company Documents
Charter. Amendments 1
Business Registration Certificate
Form W-8BEN
Wolfsberg CBDDQ
AML Comfort Letter
Charter. Amendments 2
Charter. Amendments 3
Payments and money transfers
183 071, Murmansk, st. Starostina, 21, Ph. +7 (815−2) 994−608, fax +7 (815−2) 994−609,
Settlements in RUB and CNY currencies
Conversion of funds in RUB and other currencies
Remote banking services
Bank account for legal entities
Cash services for legal entities